AGM OLHS Parent Council Annual Report 2017

Our Lady’s High School
Parent Council

Annual General Meeting
Monday 2nd October 2017

Chair Person’s Report

The significant event within the last academic year has been the change in Head Teacher. Kathleen Sinclair has served the school with dedication and commitment over the past 8 years and we wish her a happy and healthy retirement. The Parent Council played an active role in the recruitment of our new Head Teacher Dan Cardle. I can already see Mr Cardle’s positive influence on the school in his short time with us and I am confident he will build on the excellent foundations Kathleen has laid.

Other changes to the school environment continue to be driven by the physical maintenance activity being undertaken by North Lanarkshire Council (NLC). This work is ongoing and the school is working around the building works as best it can.

Further change to the assessment for Curriculum for Excellence is being actively managed by the Senior Management Team (SMT) and staff at the school. There are reservations about introducing changes so quickly after the launch of the new Curriculum and we hope this does not have a negative impact on the young people.

The ongoing commitment from our young people and the teaching staff remains high and this can be seen through the academic results from this year – they remain at an impressive level.

Extensive extra-curriculum activities remain open to all students within the school and this adds a real sense of community and ownership with the staff, young people and parents / carers. There are ongoing opportunities for our children to participate in school trips both within the UK and abroad, and this would not be possible without the support of the teaching staff.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has also continued their good work in actively fundraising for our school and their continued support and efforts is greatly appreciated. The funds raised are directly used for the benefit of the school and your children so please support the calendar of events for the PTA in the forthcoming year.

The focus of the Parent Council has remained in providing support to the Head Teacher, Senior Staff, Staff and Pupils of our school. Where we have identified issues we believe are important to the life of our school community we have sought to influence the outcome of these particular issues to the benefit of our school.

In the past year the school has had a degree of change with the teaching staff due to retirement, promotions and temporary cover. The Parent Council would like to express our gratitude to those teachers, who have left the school, for the many years of service and commitment in the education of our young people, and to warmly welcome those who have joined our school.

The drive from the Parent Council for the forthcoming academic year revolves around equality of resources and investment for our school. We will shortly commence activity aimed at the elected members to ensure that we are well represented for the forthcoming capital plan of NLC. The key areas for us are:

• School playing fields
• Toilet facilities
• Home economics facilities
• Changing rooms at the games hall
• Car parking provision


It remains an area of great pride that the school community gives time and money freely to help others who are less fortunate, both in our local community and further afield. At the recent school awards ceremony a number of large cheques were presented to various charities and we know this would not be possible without your ongoing help and support. Thank you.

School Chaplain

I would like to formally thank Father Martin Delaney for his dedication and commitment to our school over the past year. It is fair to say that having a dedicated School Chaplain has made a difference to the young people and teachers of OLHS and we look forward to working closely with Father Delaney in the new academic year.

Parent Council and the broader Parent Forum

The Council is here for all parents and carers and is open to all, even if just to observe. Please feel free to come along.

I would also ask that parents and carers help the Parent Council by providing feedback on how best to engage with you / the wider Parents Forum. This is always an area we are keen to hear more about and this will help us in the future.

We try to keep the meetings short and focused. On behalf of the wider Parent Forum I would like to say a very big thank you.

I would like to thank Mrs Sinclair, Mr Cardle, the SMT and Staff for their ongoing commitment in the life of our school community.

Stephen Verrecchia
Our Lady’s High School Parent Council
2nd October 2017.